rose walk green ice photo 1BodyStories’ production of rose walk green ice explores relationships in a myriad of forms, from one’s intimacy with the private self, to the public, with society as a mirror, judge and witness, and also to familial bonds, romantic attachments and friendships. The piece opened with spectators in chairs on stage, lending weight to the outer shell of our lives, as they would be representing those we surround ourselves with, and those that surround us.

rose walk green ice 1The dancers spoke to two specific audiences, those seated close-by and others at more of a distance, with constellations of sharp movement, layers of bodies tightly woven in a confined space, and a tension that started (purposefully) mechanically and slowly softened. An initial transition from gestures more fitting of a robot race, and then seamlessly morphing into the organic shapes of our shared humanity, from technology to psychology, set the tone for a piece about us. All of us.

rose walk green ice 2A mirrored floor set into a large swathe of the space provided pure poetry as the dancers’ were twinned with colored, fluid reflections. The themes of needing space, taking space and sharing space were explored through single dancers moving through wooden boards shaped into ‘homes’ that they entered and exited, closed in on themselves and then let out into the greater world, taking solace and comfort and then rejoining the collective with renewed energy.

rose walk green ice in houseBodyStories is known for taking audiences on emotional journeys, and rose walk green ice took this to the next level, with a narrative that was part feeling and part story, not unlike the mental voyage of a great jazz piece. The musical accompaniment of guitar, piano and digitally-mastered, ethereal sounds added to the space-age/stone-age quality, and when I say stone-age, I am referring to the evermore dynamics of what it means to be human, to be a self with others in the world. rose walk green ice is a vision of who we are and where we are going, and the importance of reflection and dissection in our modern culture.